The Heart

 In Valley Rise Church

“Houston, aren’t there enough churches there?” This is typically the response I get when i tell people we have a heart for Houston. I was raised in church, slept under pews, memorized the Bible, knew the lingo, experienced God. However it wasn’t until far later in life that I met the person of Jesus. One day i walked into a church in Birmingham, AL and immediately knew, this is what church was made to look like. God took me on a journey of being on staff at this amazing church for 3 years. One day while praying i began to feel God doing something inside of me, i was at one of the greatest churches on earth and yet He was stirring a dissatisfaction inside. Me and my wife began to pray and quickly realized God was calling us to create for others, what was created to save us. I realized that God wanted me to build a house that embraced people as we were embraced, loved people how we had been loved, and helped people find freedom and purpose just as we had been helped. There was no guessing where that place would be built. Houston has been in my heart since i was a child, I’ve often told my wife, “when i drive into Houston i feel more at home than anywhere I’ve ever been”. I can walk through the city and suburbs of Houston and everyone I see my heart is drawn to. The fourth largest city in America and growing at an astonishing rate still, over 3,000 people move into Houston ever single week. I remember reading the growth statistics of Houston and tears welling in my eyes. I knew God had created me for the city of Houston. Each one of those people moving in are someone to the loving God that saved me, how many fathers, mothers, grandparents, brothers and sisters are praying for one of those people, praying that someone would reach them. I knew then that God had created me to reach them, I know a team of people in comparison to the millions that Houston encompasses seems overwhelming, but my God is great, His love is unstoppable, and the more people need His love, the more people He needs to be that faucet of love. We are those people, to a big city we will bring an even bigger God, to a hurting city, we will bring the life giving love of Jesus, and we will change the city, one life at a time. Thank you for partnering with us to reach this city, your love, prayers, and support will go further than you can imagine! 

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